Sunday, June 6, 2010

Carmen's Training Log, June 6th

Today, we had our 3rd team practice and ran in different pace groups along Ocean Park in Santa Monica. My pace is somewhere between the advanced and intermediate groups and I must say running with the team makes me run quite a bit faster than when I'm alone. Our super cool coach Gary told us that our goal today was to meet 3 new people on the team. During the 5.5 mile run, I chatted with some teammates and met another Canadian woman, which makes 3 of us on the team - Go Team Canada! Hearing other people's stories of why they are doing the race is really interesting. I am often inspired by teammates who have not been personally affected by leukemia or lymphoma, but are willing to put themselves out there for this cause.

June 6th - 5.5 miles, team practice
June 4th - 6 miles
June 3rd - 6 miles
June 2nd - 6 miles
June 1st - 3 miles
May 29th - 6 miles
May 27th - 4 miles

A sense of what our practice starts out like. Gary is in the burgundy shorts.

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